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Google Earth Pro Download Available For Desktop And Mobile Devices


Google Earth is available for download via computer or mobile device. However, you need to know that the Pro versions of Google Earth 6.0 or earlier have no longer been supported.

Moreover, only the Pro version 7.1.5 or earlier would require a license key. But those who don’t have license keys can use their own email addresses, as well as the GEPFREE key in order to sign in.

If you are looking to download the Pro version of Google Earth via Android smartphone, you should visit the Google Play Store. Simply type on the search box the name of the app and the first suggestion to appear along with the logo should be your best choice.

As it opens, tap the Install button to begin the download process. After downloading the app, the installation process would follow. Google Earth 9 would require Android version 4.1 or newer to achieve successful installation.

You can also download the Pro version for your iOS devices in which you need to acquire from the App Store. The same procedure used for Android devices if you want to download and install the app on your device.

Nevertheless, your device must be running at least iOS 9.0 or later. So, make sure you are using a valid iOS device, such as iPod Touch, iPad, or iPhone.

Updating the Google Earth Pro app manually would require you to download the latest 6.2 or 7.x direct installers. However, some installers might not auto-update, so you need to choose a more recent version of the app to achieve this.

In the announcement made by Google, Google Earth free version has been combined with the services of Google Earth Pro. Thus, it has benefited users, as it provides more advanced features for Google Earth, which would be free of charge.