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Gmail Update Download Available for Android With Design Changes


If you are an Android user, it is very likely that you prefer to use Google products, released by the same company as your OS. Gmail for Android can be an excellent email client and it is constantly improved. Recently, Google pushed out another update for the app. The latest Gmail version does not come with any major, radical changes, but you can sure notice the new additions. The design is slightly improved, making the app easier to use. You can download the Gmail app for Android for free on the Google Play Store.

This update allows you to easily change your account settings

After you update to the latest version of the Gmail app you will be able to use “My Account” in order to open your Google settings. Tapping this menu item will take you to the webpage. There you can update the Google account features that you want.  This means that from now on it will be much easier to change your Google account settings through the app.

The new version brings tweaks for the undo button

Google decided to refine the Gmail app a bit according to the Material Design guidelines. Therefore, this version has a slightly modified design.

One of the most noticeable changes was the position of the undo button. In previous versions of the Gmail app, the button was placed on the colored bar that appeared after swiping an email. This update changed that, and swiping an email will show you the undo button that is now placed at the bottom of the screen. This new location will allow you to tap the button with your thumb, without needing to use your other hand, the way you did before.