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WhatsApp 2.17.340 BETA Update Download Available with New Features


The latest WhatsApp BETA version that has just been released for Android devices is 2.17.340. It comes with an installation file size of 37.74MB, which means that it is 0.05MB larger than the previous BETA version of the application.

Anyway, we have some good news for anyone who wants to install this new WhatsApp BETA version on his Android handset. According to reports, the granular storage control has finally made its way to the Android version of the WhatsApp application. We remind you that before, this feature was available only on iOS devices.

To access the new WhatsApp feature you will need to open the application, select “Settings->Data and Storage usage->Storage Usage” and wait for a few seconds for all the conversations to populate. After that, you will notice that the data of the conversations will be tallied. This way, you will know how much space each WhatsApp conversation take on your handset (from the largest to the smallest).

By selecting any chat, you will get more details of every message that has been sent or received, such as: text messages, locations, images, shared contact cards, videos, audio messages, documents and GIFs. There is also a “Manage message” option that allows you to select and delete any or all messages types.

This will be very useful, especially for the people that are in large groups where most of what’s shared in there are: videos, photos or audio clips.

WhatsApp 2.17.340 BETA: How To Install On Your Android Device

  • Head to this Google Play Store web page;
  • Tap on the “BECOME A TESTER” button;
  • Launch the Google Play Store App on your Android device;
  • Search for WhatsApp 2.17.340 BETA;
  • Tap “INSTALL” to start the installation process.