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How to Use the New WhatsApp Storage Management Feature


WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in the world, with well over one billion active users. And its user base is always growing and improving, so in its turn WhatsApp tries to grow and improve with them as well. Now the new beta for WhatsApp brings a much-expected feature: an advanced storage management system that will make organizing conversations and delete unnecessary data a dream come true.

What It Does

WhatsApp’s new storage management feature is a state of the art function that allows you to sort through messages and delete only select ones. For example, you can delete only messages that contain a specific type of media, which is very useful if you have one friend that sends a lot of videos, for example. This is particularly helpful if you have a phone that is always low on storage space. It is known that mid-range devices sometimes have this issue, so if you own one this feature might help.

In order to access this feature, go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage usage. All your chats will be displayed there, ranked from most storage heavy to least. This is particularly helpful because it helps you identify which specific chats are hanging heavy on your device’s storage. And WhatsApp allows you to quickly sort this issue out with the aforementioned process. You can even delete all chats that contain photos at once!

The beta of WhatsApp containing this feature is available to download from APK mirror websites right now. In order to find a trusted APK link to do this, always check with respected Android or tech blogs only. If a link looks shoddy, it most likely is. Never download suspicious content and stay safe out there.