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[Download] Windows 10 Insider Preview Now Available for the Fast Ring


Windows 10 is quickly becoming Microsoft’s best operating system ever. Even though many Windows users weren’t that enthusiastic about Windows 10 at first, and in fact preferred Windows 7, slowly but surely everyone turned towards the new OS. And now Microsoft is working long and hard to keep Windows 10 up to date and popping. The newest development for Windows 10 comes under the form of an insider preview for the newest build, build 16291. This is only available for the Fast Ring at the moment though.

If you’re not that deep into Microsoft policies and such, you might now know what the Fast Ring is, but it’s a rather simple concept. The Fast Ring of Microsoft is made up of their top tier insiders. However, even though for us regular people it seems that Windows 10 is evolving rapidly, Microsoft had planned to have it grow even faster. New builds of Windows 10 come out weekly, but it seems that some people would want them to come daily. Still, we think that Windows 10 is being updated at a fairly decent rate.

One New Feature

So what does build 16291 bring for Windows 10? Well, not much really. The only novelty that comes with Windows 10 build 16291 is one feature and one feature alone. But it’s a pretty cool one. Now Cortana can resume articles and news from iOS and Android phones to Windows 10 PCs. This all happens within the Cortana app, which is a brand new function for Windows 10’s little personal Siri that is going to come in handy for some users.

What do you think about this new update for Windows 10? Do you find this new feature useful? Let us know in the comments below.