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GTA V Mod Gets You Into Space with Garry’s Help and the Kerbal Space Program


If you are a GTA V fan but you also want to play some GTA V mods, then you should try Grand Theft Space and get out there, on a space shuttle.

Right now it’s a work in progress but it might reach a moment when it will become a space sandbox that’s going to be fully customizable.

The Idea Started as Killing Aliens on Moon

Soloman Northrop has started creating this mod with the intention of making it so that users could go on the moon, kill some aliens and come back on Earth. But it developed into an API, where the code allowed other people to add anything else into the mod without altering the code.

The mod has been heavily studied in terms of science, tech and a lot of science-fiction artistic licenses have been picked in order to create an interesting experience. These things lead to a growing playerbase and the opportunity of building and adding their own scripts, scenarios or missions.

There are going to be needed a lot of developers to work on the mod but it might end up like the Kerbal Space Program, a similar one but in digital and in a fictional world.

Considering Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular PC games and a popular modded game, this new mode might resemble the idea of other space-related mods, but much more expanded with more unconventional techniques.

Northrop would love to see players add to this mod different features such as the possibility to go in other solar systems, adding more galaxies, a survival script that would force the player to manage food, fuel and other vital item during the expeditions and so on. They want to blend reality with the game and even add some themed packs with Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Star Wars.

The team is aiming to build a base game that will accept any addition of mod on top of it, with all the action happening like in GTA but in space.

The possibilities will be endless and players will be able to play Grand Theft Space as soon as they are going to be able to make their render distance increased, and this would take them a few years.