This Sims franchise will probably continue for many years. EA already declared that a fifth game may follow if the Sims 4 is successful. “We’re not working on Sims 5. We’re not thinking about Sims 5. If Sims 4 isn’t successful, there won’t be a Sims 5,” declared producer Grant Rodiek back then. However, the Sims 4 was a success and even Rodiek removed that comment, so we can only look forward to the next game.

While the Sims 4 came with a surprising quality and a large range of emotions, the game had its flaws, and players were enraged by various changes. The Sims 5 can be a make it or break it kind of game, and it is up to it whether it will fix the former mistakes, or it will risk losing some of its most loyal fans. We have come up with a list of features that need to be brought back for the Sims 5.

Open world

It is no secret that this was the biggest Sims 4 mistake. The best thing about the Sims games is that they felt like the real world and your Sim is able to walk around the neighborhood, explore the city and make some new friends. In Sims 3 for example, the only time when players had to deal with loading screens was when they visited another city. However, this thing changed in the Sims 4. For some reasons, you couldn’t even leave your lot without waiting for the other area to load. Loading screens appeared everywhere and they made the game universe feel smaller than it was. Considering the player’s outrage at this change, the Sims 5 must bring back open world.


We already know that EA releases the base game first and other extensions follow after a while. However, some of them need to become available way earlier as they are essential in order to create a world that feels like reality. For example, many fans still wait for a seasons expansion in the Sims 4, although almost three years passed since its release. Playing in a world where it is forever summer feels less real, not to mention that seasons also come with important events like Christmas and Halloween.


The Sims 4 only recently received toddlers, and this decision may seem weird to many fans. Without toddlers it is hard to create a complete family. This age group was introduced in the previous game and it was immensely popular, so it is weird that EA released it so late. The Sims 5 needs to have toddlers right from the start so that anyone can add them to their households.

Different transport alternatives

It is obvious that transport was not needed in the Sims 4 since even visiting the next door neighbor usually led to a loading screen. However, we do hope that the Sims 5 will bring back open-world elements, which means that there should be some vehicles available. Adding cars and bicycles to the game can be ideal, and we even think that calling a cab, or waiting for the bus should become alternatives. We would even love to see the subway, or a train station, although it is less likely to get these.

Creation tools for the neighborhood

Old fans remember when they could edit plots any way they liked in the Sims 2. Everything could be customised, including the style of the terrain. Even the Sims 3 allowed players to select the size of the lot. Therefore, this is another thing that we would love to see in the Sims 5.

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