The present day has never been more awesome for gamers around the world. You can play games on a lot of platforms and if you are a console fan, then you’re in for a treat as there are at 5 devices to entertain you and keep you hooked for a long while.

Let’s See What They do, Which One is the Best and Why

The top pick is obviously PlayStation 4 which has a great library for games, you can play in 4K Ultra HD, you can access streaming services, and it’s compatible with VR.

Gaming on consoles started as a collective wish to play games at home instead of going out to play ‘Contra, Donkey Kong’ or ’Pac-Man’ on those huge machines. So in the late 1970 and the beginning of 1980 Atari and Nintendo started to build consoles for home consumers. Now we have these new consoles that can even let you play in VR.

Choosing a console is easy as long as you know what you want from it. You should look for a console that can give you the 4K video quality even though your TV won’t support it. These consoles – and we’re looking at PS4 Pro or Xbox One X – will have a better performance and in the future maybe you’ll also get a 4K TV. If you’re family oriented, you should opt for a simple console that maybe could be also portable like Nintendo Switch or the handheld device from Nintendo: Nintendo 3DS XL.

Overall PlayStation 4 Pro is the best console at the moment, having great performance and a good gaming library with the disadvantage that it cannot play PS3 game discs.

Xbox One S will be useful if you aim for multimedia purpose, 4K Blu-Ray streaming, Netflix features and more entertainment options.

Casual players can get the Nintendo Switch and take advantage of the versatile modes in which you can use it: handheld device or console mode.

If you’re on the go and you love gaming, then consider the new Nintendo 3DS XL that has a lot of interesting games, players being able to play older DS games.

Players will have to wait for the Xbox One X, which will be more powerful, will feature 4K HDR, 4K Blu-Ray player and compatibility with a lot of Xbox 360 games.

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