While we do not have any official information, some speculations give us reason to believe that Grand Theft Auto V might come to Nintendo Switch. You may think that rumors are just rumors, but in this case the source has been right before. Therefore, we might see GTA 5 on Nintendo Switch in the near future. Here’s why we believe that:

Other rumors were true

A while ago, some sources reported that Rockstar Games will release the L.A. Noire game on the Nintendo Switch. We were not able to confirm those rumors back then, but then Rockstar confirmed them by announcing that they will indeed release the game on Nintendo Switch.

Back then NeoGaf user Vern was the one who told us the news, and now he is back and according to him, GTA 5 will reach Nintendo Switch. After fans questioned him, he told them that they need to have “patience”. This indicates that Rockstar is really planning to release the game.

Rockstar Games has enough reasons to launch GTA 5 on Switch

Nintendo is becoming increasingly popular and Grand Theft Auto V is a hit in the gaming community. Therefore, these two should unite their forces. Back when it was originally released, GTA V was available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Therefore, that version could also get ported for Nintendo Switch.

On top of it all, other important gaming titles have announced a Switch release. Bethesda was one of the companies that took this big decision, and DOOM was recently launched for this console.

A GTA 5 release could also mean that Rockstar could profit. For example, L.A. Noire will have Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions, but the Switch one will be the most expensive.

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