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[Download] WhatsApp PIP Mode Available for Video-Calls


Lately WhatsApp has had a lot of new updates that introduced many new features for the messaging app.

At the end of July, there was launched a beta program for testing the newest feature: picture in picture support for video calls. Since then we didn’t know when PIP will roll out, but with the 2.17.323 version, WhatsApp officially brought it to light. For those who have Android 8.0 +, they can make a video call and tap back to continue the call in ‘picture-in-picture’ mode.

Multitasking Has Never Been so Easy

The picture-in-picture video call mode in WhatsApp will allow users to get back to the conversation or even to the home screen or to go open and use other apps while still being in the video call. With the ‘picture-in-picture’ mode, WhatsApp users will be able to move the picture around resize it to their own needs while they go around multitasking. The Android Oreo has this feature available too.

The other featured brought back to WhatsApp is the text only status that was previously replaced by a status update. The text-only status is back and looks the same as before, replacing the snaps that we all know (images or videos that roll for 24 hours as a status) on Facebook. But as a lot of users requested the old status, the company brought it back.

WhatsApp for Business: Chat With the Customers/Clients

A new feature for WhatsApp will be WhatsApp for Business and it will allow businesses to chat with the customers or the clients. This feature will be available as a paid service and will soon roll out for Android and iOS in a few months.

If you haven’t got the latest WhatsApp version yet, download it as an APK from APKMirror, and install it as any other APK file.