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[Download] WhatsApp Update With Universal Emoji Set


For a long period of time, WhatsApp used the Apple emojis as the universal ones. This meant that no matter what phone you had, you received & used the iOS emojis. This was a good feature, especially since Apple emojis were the only ones that were complex enough at first. However, things changed and emojis became increasingly popular.

Obviously, most companies and phone makers tried to come up with their own emojis, and you already know that emojis are now different for every operating system. Apple has recently announced emojis that are based on your facial expressions and Gboard receives Bitmoji. Therefore, the competition is tough and the rivals have to keep up. Facebook was one of the apps that came with its own emojis, and now WhatsApp is following the example of the parent company.

WhatsApp bring iOS-inspired emojis

If you didn’t like this news and you prefer the Apple emojis, you should not worry too much. The new WhatsApp emojis are almost identical. There are some small design changes, but even the art style is similar. The source of inspiration was clear, but you can also see some new fantasy emojis such as vampires, zombies, genies, wizards and fairies.

We do not know yet why WhatsApp decided to change its emoji set if this one is so similar. Some say its laziness, while others believe that Apple had something to do with this, but it is also very likely that WhatsApp wants to bring its own line, without upsetting its users with a major change. If that is the case, we might see some more updates in the future. You can test the new set of emojis in WhatsApp’s beta version that is available on Android.