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[Download] Google Play Store Latest APK Update for New OS


Google continues their work on updating their Play Store and they’ve reached build number 8.2.58 and right after it came build number 8.3.41. It seems that the update skipped some numbers and pushed into the app some new features along with it.

Looking at the huge difference between the build numbers: from 8.2.58 to 8.3.41, the main question was what can we see new in the Play Store and if there are UI changes or not. According to information on TheAndroidSoul website, the update pushed in a FAB button, Cookbooks and a Quick Install feature.

Android 4.0.1 + Will Soon Get the 8.2.58 Update and then the 8.3.41 Update

Users will get the newest update for their devices, if they have Android 4.0.1 and above. If you haven’t gotten the 8.2.58 update for Play Store, then you’ll have to wait for it and after that you’ll be able to get the next one, 8.3.41. If you don’t want to wait for it, you can get the APK file, which is malware free and safe to install. If you know how to install an APK file, then installing the newest Google Play Store APK file is similar to any other APK.

It is important to have your apps updated to the last version, as it introduces new features, improves browsing and feel a lot smoother than the previous versions. Google has had a few issues before with some Apps infected with malware that were in their Play Store, so these last months they’ve been adding updates over updates and some changes to get rid of all the criticism.

There’s also the Google Assistant in the Play Store and if your Android Smartphone (6.0.1 and above) has at least 1.5 GB RAM and a minimum HD 729 pixels Display, then you’ll be able to run it. So if your Android Phone doesn’t have Google Assistant integrated into its software, you can now use it.