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Pokémon Go New Updates 1.47.1 for iOS and 0.77.1 for Android Download with Raid Battles


Fans of Pokémon Go will be very happy to know that new Pokémon Go versions are available for Android and iOS operation systems. The announcement was made yesterday by Niantic and the news was well received.

The new updated versions are worthy of our attention:

On the official page, the Pokémon Go team has announced that a confirmation dialogue shows up when costumed Pokémon are transferred. Another detail released was that players can no longer mass transfer costumed Pokémon monsters.

The updated versions 1.47.1/0.77.1 resolved bug issues such as the ones in much network errors were caused during Gym battles; the bug issue which caused Raid Battle lobbies to display the wrong number of Trainers; the bugs which were causing the Pokémon selected in Raid Battle lobby to be reset when clicking item buttons and others.

Niantic is not really known as a company which releases details of each update they make, however this time the bullet points released are really a point of interest for fans.

While these last updates are concerned with fixing bug issues, the last update released a couple of month ago was dedicated to explain new Gyms and Raid Battle features.

Raid Battle Features

According to the previous update, the Pokémon Go experience has shifted its focus towards the interaction between Trainers and Gyms and how to improve their experience.

The previous update brought a new concept which was based on a motivation system. This means that the Pokémon monster in charge of protecting a gym can lose its motivation in time and thus it will become easier to defeat. Trainers can keep their motivation high by pooping in and feeding it berries. Also, Trainers can ear Gym Badges during their visit to gyms across the world.