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[Download] Instagram APK v18. Update with Three New Filters


Instagram is known for being one of the most popular selfie and picture sharing platforms in the world and this latest update makes it even better. The thing that Instagram excels at in comparison with other apps is its simplicity. Users can simply snap a picture, add a cool filter to it and upload it in an instant.

Instagram APK v18.

We have some great news for Instagram fans, the APK update is available for download right now. This new version of Instagram adds three more filters which enable users to add options such as color overlay and fade features. Moreover, Instagram pictures get even better since users will now be able to add emojis and hashtags to their selfies.

New Features

We previously mentioned that the new and updated version of Instagram received three new filters but that’s not all. Instagram users should be happy to find out that they can edit their photos and videos with custom designed filters that are completely free. In addition, Instagram is also giving users the ability to adjust their brightness, saturation, shadows, perspective, highlights and contrast through ten new advanced creative tools.

Instant Sharing Over Other Social Media Platforms

As everyone probably already knows, Instagram started posing a big threat to other social media platforms and Facebook felt compelled to acquire it. Therefore, back in 2012 Facebook paid $1 billion to purchase Instagram. It seems like this was a great decision and Facebook its doing its best to integrate these two apps.

With that in mind, users are now capable of instantly sharing their Instagram pictures or videos to Facebook and other social media platforms such as Tumblr and Twitter. All in all, Instagram fans are advised to download this new APK as soon as possible since it fixes many annoying bugs.