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[Download] Java 18.3 Update with Featured Projects


It appears that Java 18.3 and the upcoming versions will come with a lot of improvements, and we already know what are some of the planned things. A new six-month release schedule for standard Java has been created and Java 18.3 version will be released in March 2018. All these news comes soon after the Java Development Kit 9 that was released back on September 21.

Upcoming projects

Oracle has already told us about some of its upcoming projects and we know how to upcoming Java versions will look like. However, we must note that these ideas are under consideration at that moment, so some of them might not make it in the final versions. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the Oracle ideas.

  • Project Loom

This project aims to make writing easier, especially when it comes to concurrent applications. Since threads are no longer enough, Project Loom will bring fibers as lightweight. They are more efficient and they should bring a better performance, with the same simple abstraction. Footprint should be reduced as well.

  • Project Panama

This project aims to connect code managed by JVM and APIs for non-Java libraries. “The main benefit of this proposal is that it will open up the world of native libraries — written in C or similar languages — to Java developers without requiring them to write anything but plain Java code,” declared Panama proponent Charles Nutter

  • The Amber Project

The Amber Prokect will include enhanced enums, lambda leftovers and local variable-type inference. The aim of this project is to “incubate” the Java proposals that target productivity.

  • Vahalla

This is another incubator project that focuses on language feature candidates including generic specialization and value types. The Vahalla project also targets advanced Java VM.