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[Download] WhatsApp the Business Version for Landline Numbers


More and more messenger services are focusing on developing business oriented apps to ease the communication between companies and customers. The same is the case for WhatsApp, the super popular messenger free of charge service.

WhatsApp business

The freeware instant messaging service for smartphones uses the internet to make voice or video calls, texting, sending images and video, Gifs and location. The app is also available in a different design for PCs and it seems that now a new version will be created separately to the regular version of the app. The new app will be focused for business companies and even small business owners can sign in and use the WhatsApp Business as separate from the regular WhatsApp version. The two apps can run simultaneously from the same device as separate programs.

This is great news for those who want to separate their personal life from their professional one and it also helps keeping organized and on top of things.

Key feature of WhatsApp business

One of the best features of the new app is the fact that business owners can link their company’s landline number to their WhatsApp Business app. This is great because it does not force them to give their personal phone number to third parties. All it takes is to hand out their company’s landline and they can use the app.

The new app will keep the same design line as the traditional all and it will have as new addition the Business badge with a B rather than the phone icon. The app will also work in a similar way and will include two additional sections in the Setting’s menu: Statistics and Business Settings. The Statistics section will show the total of messages sent, delivered, read and received.