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[Download] VLC for Android 2.5.4 Update with Favorite Folders, URLs and Automatically Subtitles


Nowadays, everybody loves to enjoy their free time by watching TV Shows and movies. There are many media players out there, but there isn’t one that comes up to par with VLC. This media player is a free and open source cross-platform software that’s been specially developed to play multimedia file formats and even discs, network streaming protocols and devices.

VLC can Play Any Video and Audio Files

The best thing about VLC is the fact that it can run virtually any video or audio file. This is the reason why VLC managed to amass such a huge fan base along the years. Additionally, another factor behind VLC’s immense popularity is the constant stream of updates it receives. In fact, the developers behind the player have recently rolled out a brand-new update.

VLC on Android 2.5.4

The Android version of VLC has just been brought up to the 2.5.4 build. This update has been developed with one purpose in mind, and that’s to enhance the user experience by updating codecs and saving the audio delay for BT headphones. Moreover, the new and updated version of VLC for Android features a more optimized software which prevents annoying crashes from happening.

New Features

VLC fans are advised to download this APK update as soon as possible since it doesn’t only take care of annoying bugs which cause crashes, but it also contains a handful of new features. First off, VLC for Android now ships with network disk browsing which includes Windows Shares, NFS, SFTP, UPnP and many more.

Another great feature that’s added by this update is favorite folders and URLs. Being able to mark a folder or URL as favorite will prove to be quite useful since it makes it easier for VLC fans to access their favorite content. Moreover, VLC now comes with rewritten notifications and automatic subtitle download.