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Google Play Store 8.3.41 APK Finally Available For Download

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Google released an update to the Google Play Store 8.3.41 version on the 12th of October. Although this update did not come with many visual changes, we are sure of the security improvements and behind-the-scenes changes that came with this update.

Its always good news to hear about Google Play Store updates, and most time users can’t wait to unwrap this gift. But then, it takes some time for the official release of the update. The release also comes in phases, and it may take more time to get to certain regions. It is usually worth it to wait for the official release and unwrap it slowly, but you could skip that waiting period by downloading the APK file. Although we recommend that you wait for the official release, you can down 16.9MB file to get your hands on the latest Google Play Store 8.3.42 build.

The Google Play Store 8.3.42 comes a week from the release of the last build, and it offers improved security checks and bug fixes. As you might know, the latest Google Play builds are always the most secure to use. If you are comfortable with downloading the APK file, you can have a go at it. It has been scanned for malware and is malware-free; you also get the regular Google updates on installing this APK file.

The improved security this latest update offers is very tempting, especially with the rampant bug issues that have been associated with Google Play Store. The best way to ensure that your device is free from threatening applications is to install the latest Google Play Store. For those who can’t wait to know what has changed or hasn’t, the link is shared below.

Although we didn’t notice visible changes, we are sure that this update is a more stable version of Google Play Store with fewer bug issues. We have seen shorter release intervals for Google Play Store updates, and we are sure that this update wouldn’t have been done if it wasn’t necessary. Can’t wait to find out for yourself, then you can download the APK file.