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[Download] Clash Royale Huge Update – New Game Modes, Chat, Free Epic Card And More

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Clash Royale players have been waiting for this update for a while and not it is finally here. Clash Royal 2.0.1 might be the biggest update yet and it comes with several major improvements. The new version changes the way chests are received, and it brings many new challenges for the player.


This might be one of the biggest new features since it replaces the daily free chests. Now, players will have to accomplish certain tasks in order to get rewards, and new quests are available every day. Quests include both tasks for the player or tasks that are clan related, so you might want to join a clan.

Touchdown mode and Mirror mode

The new version also brings two new game modes: Touchdown and Mirror.

We had a chance to take a look at Touchdown in a stream, and we can tell you that the aim of this match is to get your troops to the base of your rivals. Every time you get someone there you get a touchdown, and you will need three touchdowns in order to win. You will also be able to access cards that are not yet in your deck since you can pick the cards before you start playing.

The Mirror mode will make all battles equal, since both you and your opponent will have the same exact deck.

Other new additions

The update brings some other important additions as well. For example, players will receive a free Epic Card from the Shop every Sunday. Also, communication with your teammate got easier, and you will be able to chat with him or her after the 2v2 match. If you liked how you worked together you can also ask for a rematch.