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[Download] Facebook Messenger APK with Call History and Missed Calls in One Place


Facebook Messenger is one of the best apps when it comes to communication. The app is packed with numerous features which makes it easier for people to express themselves through GIFs, emojis and stickers. However, the best thing about Facebook Messenger is that it also supports audio and video calls thus making it very useful.

Facebook Messenger

Regarding video and audio calls, Facebook Messenger has received a new update which changes the way people can see their call history and missed calls. Previously, users had to open different panels to check for that information but now, call history and missed calls are displayed together in one place.

The APK version of the update is available for download right now and it can be easily installed on any smartphone. However, we need to mention that the OTA (over the air) version of the update is scheduled to roll out in the upcoming future. Therefore, Facebook Messenger users who are not that keen on manually installing updates can simply wait for it arrive in their notification panel.

Communicating with Friends

As previously mentioned, Facebook Messenger excels when it comes to communication. The app is packed with cool features which makes it easy for users to reach anyone they want. People can use names or phone numbers to find their friends who are also using Facebook Messenger. Moreover, Facebook Messenger also features group chatting. This gets even better since users are not forced to communicate only through texts since they can also get into video call conferences.


Facebook Messenger also excels at making reservations, receiving real-time customer service and even to checking on orders. Considering how many features this app offers, we think it’s safe to say that it replaces both WhatsApp and Skype at the same time.