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[Download] Google Play Store Version 8.3.43 APK To Tkae It To The Next Level


Google Play Store is the place where everyone can download every Android app. As the store’s name implies, Google is the one that’s directly in charge of it and this means that it receives a constant stream of updates. In fact, Play Store’s version has just been moved up to 8.3.43.

Google Play Store Version 8.3.43 APK

The latest update for Play Store can be downloaded and installed right now since Google already published the APK for it. We should mention that this update is eventually going to be rolled out OTA (over the air) globally and that patient Android fans can simply wait for it to arrive in their notification panel instead of manually installing it.

Enhanced Stability

Considering how much of an important role Play Store plays in the Android ecosystem, Google needs to make sure that it never crashes. Therefore, the app’s stability is constantly enhanced with regular updates which squash bugs and prevent crashes from ever happening. Moreover, Play Store needs to run flawlessly since it directly represents how much attention Google pays to user experience.

Monitoring Security

As previously mentioned, Play Store contains nearly every Android app ever built. However, the store doesn’t include harmful apps since every app needs to pass Google’s policies before being listed there. In addition, Google also monitors security though different channels so that the Play Store doesn’t list any malware.

Movies, Shows and Music

While Play Store might be renowned for the apps it offers, this platform can also be used to download movies, shows and songs. Android fans who love listening to new songs daily should be happy to know that they can pay a subscription of $9.99 per month and receive access to unlimited skips and ad-free music streams.