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[Download] Clash Royale New Mode Mirror Battle Challenge is Now Available on iOS and Android

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There is a new Mirror Battle mode in Clash Royale that started on 16 October and by the looks of it, it seems great and entertaining as it introduces a new battling strategy.

On their blog post, Clash Royale explains the battle mode, where players will battle against each other with the same cards. You can play this mode on the Events page, as it is a special event. Once you start the game, you will have the same starting cards and the same deck so it all comes to who’s the better player. Inside the decks, you will also get a Mirror card.

Along with this mode, players will get rewards in the ‘Mirror Battle Daily Practice’, where players have been able from 17 to 19 October to receive for three crowns 300 gold and for 6 crowns one Mirror card

‘Mirror Battle Challenge’ – Details

We are going to see more rewards for ‘Mirror Battle Challenge’ this weekend – starting with 20 October and ending on 23 October. So, players that have practiced those three days have no excuse for losing the Challenge matches and should be ready for the ‘Mirror Battle Challenge’, as they are already battle – seasoned!

You can win a lot of gold in this mode, up to 40K if you win 12 games and it is quite amazing!

There are some tricks that could help you win the game, all of them counting on a strategic play and a keen eye. Remember that you opponent has the same cards as you have and you can track the cycle. There is nothing that should surprise you, as you both have your strengths and weaknesses.

An easier way to win the game Challenge is using the Mirror Card in your advantage and always remember that the mode is nothing like the normal Clash Royale match.