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[Download] Google Play Store App 8.3.72 with Noticeable Changes


Android users are already accustomed to the frequent updates that are released for Google Play Store. Now it appears that Google managed to beat its own record, by releasing a new update just a few hours after it released the previous one. We recently (very recently) received version 8.3.43, and now version 8.3.72 has been released.

No noticeable changes

Strangely enough, there are now new features and users could not find any major changes, even after testing it. The only thing that it was noticed right away was a small boost in the app performance. It is not hard to notice that the transitions are smoother than they were before, and actions can be executed fluidly. The code will be analysed by experts and then we will know exactly what are the changes added by this version.

It is hard to understand why this version comes with a big jump in build numbers, since usually this means that that update is a big one. It is also strange that the update was released just a few hours after the previous one, but it does not bring anything new. Just like all the other updates, it will take time until Google Play Store 8.3.72 will reach all users. If you cannot wait you can find an APK file for this version online.

Previous Google Play Store updates

Most Google Play Store updates are minor ones and that is why they are released constantly. They do not bring any huge changes, but instead they come with bug fixes and other small tweaks. While they do not seem too important, they actually are. If you want to keep your device secure and you want the best performance available, it is recommended that you keep Google Play Store up to date.