We’re looking at the massive Grand Theft Auto V with sales that go over 80 million copies since it launched in 2013, thanks to the developers that have done a great job by adding more content and updates for GTA online. But with this much success for their current game, we still want to see Grand Theft Auto VI.

Although there is no announcement on Grand Theft Auto VI, there might be some more details in 2018 to support the latest rumors.

We made a list with the latest and best rumors for Grand Theft Auto VI and added some of our own suggestions, maybe we’ll see some of these in the future GTA.

Grand Theft Auto VI: Release Date

When will Grand Theft Auto VI come out? Usually there have to be at least five years between two games of the same series, and according to Rockstar’s typical timeline, Grand Theft Auto VI should be released in 2018. But GTA VI will surely not follow the trend because right now Rockstar is developing Red Dead Redemption 2 that will be out in June, next year.

Maybe we’ll see an announcement from Rockstar concerning the beginning of development for GTA VI at the end of 2018.

Grand Theft Auto VI: News

The first news to appear on GTA VI was with the fake CV of stunt actor Tim Neff that contained credits on GTA VI and Red Dead Redemption 2. After the fake resume, Leslie Benzies, the Rockstar president said that they don’t know how GTA VI will be, but they have some ideas. So, rest assured, there is going to be a GTA VI. Leslie Benzies added that as soon as they find the setting, missions will be easy to define and should be different, according to the cities you are in. They will have the map and the story interconnected, all flowing into place so that the missions can be layered in.

Grand Theft Auto VI: Story

There could be any story in Grand Theft Auto VI, as we’ve seen that the Grand Theft Auto series have covered a lot of ideas.

In an interview, Dan Houser said that they could try to introduce a female protagonist to the story, as until now they haven’t found the right setting and theme for such a choice.

Grand Theft Auto VI: Map

There have been some rumors according to which we’re going to see a British side of Grand Theft Auto VI, happening in London. This place is the only non-US setting that Rockstar would even consider, as it has been a part of GTA’s past.

Looking at the UK themed GTA, Dan Houser said that he believes that a UK setting is no longer appropriate for a future GTA as it was in the past. He said he would love to see a game using this setting and telling all the stories inside London, but not a GTA.

Other rumors point to a Tokyo setting, which was later put off because it could have problems with the road system. There is one rumor which suggests that GTA VI will take place in all of the US map and that would be too much driving and too little stuff to … well, heist!

We would love to see a Nevada trip in GTA VI, similar to what we saw in Fallout: New Vegas, but with less annihilation. Or Rockstar could think of having some sort of an open world, with separate and still connected environments, similar to The Witcher 3.

Grand Theft Auto VI: Gameplay

If it turns out that GTA VI will have the entire US map, then imagine the possibilities in terms of gameplay. Until now Rockstar has delivered a great experience in gameplay that made its fans come back for more, so we must be prepared for the main story and all those side missions that will go on forever!

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