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[Download] Google Play Services Latest Version That Would Allow You to Get Updates Faster


The Android 8.0 Oreo update is awaited by numerous device owners. As always, Android updates need time in order to reach everyone. Right now, Nexus Player is supposed to be the next one that will receive Android O.

Until now, users had to wait for the entire OTA update, but it appears that things are about to change. You are probably already aware that until now, sideloading an OTA update manually or flashing system images onto devices were the regular methods. Users will be glad to hear that this is no longer necessary, thanks to the new Google Play Services. Now, all you need are bits of a software or patches.

Updates were released gradually

Android users already know that Google does not release updates for everyone at once. Only a few users receive the update at first, and the tech giants waits for 48 hours in order to see if those users received the update without problems. If everything goes right, the next 25% receive it. Finally the last %50 get the update.

Users don’t need to click “Check for Updates” constantly in order to see if anything is ready. Google software engineer Elliot Hughes told us that the OTA updates that are available on Nexus and Pixel devices are shown. He also announced that sideloading is not necessary anymore, you will only need the latest Google Play Services.

The newest version of Google Play Services

The latest version will allow you to see if an available update is ready. This means that users won’t need to wait anymore, and your device will always be up to date.

This new addition is available for all users that have Google Play Services, and you should see this update if you have the Google OTA system.