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WhatsApp Business vs. WhatsApp – How Does It Differ From the Original?


WhatsApp decided to come up with a new application that will provide some features that are designed specifically for business users. The app is named WhatsApp Business and it is already available in beta testing. For those who are not beta testers, the apk for the app can be also found online.

So here are the differences between the new WhatsApp Business app and the original one.

Set auto replies

If a customer sends a message at an hour when you are not available, he or she can receive an automated response. Users are able to set certain auto replies and choose certain hours and days for them. If your business is closed, you can let your customers know that they will get a reply as soon as possible.

Choose the type of business

When you register you can select which kind of business you own. There are plenty of options, including an “Others” one. Once you register, WhatsApp will give you a green tick once your business is verified so that your customers can know that it is safe.

Use landline numbers

One of the most important new additions is the fact that accounts can be created with just a landline number. This means that business owners can finally separate personal accounts from work accounts. A landline number will make this process even easier since the personal mobile number is not necessary anymore.

Statistics with the number of messages

Another thing that is not available in the regular version is the ability to check the statistics. Users can see how many messages they sent and how many messages they received. This way you can understand how popular your business is and how well you managed to communicate with your customers