Clash Royale has become something of a phenomenon. Millions of users battle every day and everyone wants to know what are the best strategies that can help you win battles. Today we have gathered some of the best tricks and we are ready to share them with you. Here is how you can enhance your game tactics.

Create a strong deck

Having a strong deck is not only about expensive units. You will need some cheap cards as well. However, make sure that you have a perfect mix between these. This way you will be able to use all your resources and you won’t remain vulnerable at any point of the match.

Additionally, you should pick the cards according to a certain strategy. If you want to defend your towers you should choose some troops that have a high resistance and can face strong attacks. However, if you want to attack right away you should pick some troops that move fast and have many damage points.

Try to distract your opponent

Many players don’t believe that the chat options are really useful. However, you can take advantage of them and use them to annoy your opponent. Sending certain message in important moments can distract your rival.

Protect your towers with buildings

There are certain troops that target directly towers such as giants. If you want to defend your towers from them, the best strategy is to place some buildings in front of them. You won’t be affected if those buildings are destroyed, and you will keep the points of your towers intact.

Use rockets

If you need one last hit and you are out of time you should remember rockets. They can cause 250 damage, and they are also ideal if you want to destroy a crowd.

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