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[Download] WhatsApp Update and Delete Messages Before The Receiver Reads Them

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Facebook owned WhatsApp instant messaging platform comes with a new feature. So far, when a user sent a message, they could not remove it before the receiver read it. Now, it is possible. No more drunken messages that we instantly regret. The new feature allows the user to delete the message if the contact did not read it yet.

More on the new feature

According to The Next Web, the new delete feature will be added to iOS Android and Windows phone apps. Users will be able to delete messages sent to individuals or group chats.

The bad part is that when the user deletes the message, the receiver will see the message: “This message was deleted”. This means that the receiver will suspect something is wrong and will wonder what the user might hide.

To delete a message, the user has to tap and hold on the message and then select the trash can option from the drop-down menu. The option the user must choose is “Delete for everyone”. This means the message will be deleted from his/hers and the receiver’s phone.

An important information is that messages can only be deleted within 7 minutes of sending them and if both the sender and receiver use the latest WhatsApp version. The feature is not yet available for all users.


The crossplatform mobile instant messaging service is very popular and it is currently used by more than 1 million people from 180 countries. It helps users connect with their family and friends. At the beginning, users could only send messages, but now they can make video and voice calls, send documents, images, files, their locations and record voice messages. Facebook bought the service and has constantly bettered it by releasing many updates with new features.