Google Earth is a widely popular service and as you can imagine, many people are trying to install it on their computers for various reasons. Whether they want to sate their curiosity or use Google Earth for work related projects, they need it installed on their machines. This appears to be a problem for some Mac users which have reported issues with the simple task of installing Google Earth. It would seem that attempting to run the Google Earth installer for Mac starts an entire process that overall is just weird.

A user on the Google forums has voiced their issue regarding the installation of Google Earth on their 2015 Mac computer. Here is what they had to say about the process and problems they’ve encountered:

“When its finished verifying/opening, a device is created on my desktop screen called “My Passport” – this is weirdly the same name my external HDD device has.”

“I also noticed that in finder’s left hand menu, the device shows up twice but called “Google Earth Pro” – when i click on one of these it comes up with an error box saying the item can’t be found.”

“I’ve tried right clicking and opening the .pkg file.

I’ve looked at my app security settings which are set to allow apps to be downloaded from “app store and identified developers.” So this shouldn’t be the issue. “

Other users have tried chipping in and offering their advice, but no one knows for sure what this issue is all about. However, there are some things that you should take into consideration. Here are the top most important elements to look over when trying to fix this problem:

If you are trying to install it on a Mac, you should know that you need at least version 10.8 of the operating system in order for it to be compatible with Google Earth. With that said, more recent devices such as 2015 models shouldn’t have this sort of issue.

You need to make sure that you are installing a legitimate application. The best way to make sure of that is to simply download the installer directly from Google, and not a third party website. This way you can be certain of the fact that you are getting the latest version of the legit Google Earth installer.

Sometimes, an OS update doesn’t go through completely because the device didn’t go through a restart. If you haven’t tried it already, you should definitely start your troubleshooting by restarting your Mac and see if that makes Google Earth install properly for you. It’s worth noting that this “trick” worked in the case of the user from the Google forums, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

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