There is nothing worse than being left hanging in the air without any closure. Every story should have a proper end in order to keep the fans happy. Well, this did not happen with the Quarian ark storyline in Andromeda. Until now. It appears that fans will receive an ending, but it might not be what they hoped for.

An upcoming book

Bioware decided that a book will be the one that will resolve this plot point, not another game or a DLC. This might not be what people expected and some will be disappointed, but it is a good thing to get closure nevertheless. We can’t say that this is a big surprise since the company already announced back in August that there won’t be any other single-player patches or DLC for the game.

The book is called Mass Effect: Annihilation, and it will be written by Catherynne M. Valente, a sci-fi author. It is not hard to understand why the company did not want to continue the game, and it is a nice touch the fact that they found a professional for the book.

Andromeda had its flaws

The reason why Bioware decided to release a book, instead of expanding the game is simple. Mass Effect: Andromeda had plenty of flaws, including animation and gameplay bugs. Since the users were not happy with it, the best strategy is to move on from it. This does not mean that the Mass Effect franchise ends here, and the upcoming games might depend on the how well the book is received by the fans.

The Mass Effect: Annihilation book will be released on June 26 2018 in US, Canada and Uk, and on August 28 2018 in Australia.

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