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Facebook Lite Beta APK Download Brings Improvements for Reliability and Speed


The fact that Facebook has an active user base that exceeds the one billion milestone says something about the quality of the services it offers. Facebook offers a great social media platform where people can get in touch with their loved ones, friends and so on by simply typing their name or phone number in the search bar. Moreover, there is also a Lite version of Facebook which makes it possible for everyone to share their pictures, thoughts and to communicate using their smartphone.

Facebook Lite Beta APK

Facebook users who are enlisted in the beta program should be happy to know that a new update that’s exclusive to them can be downloaded right now. The update can be manually downloaded and installed over the preexisting Facebook Lite version to bring its version number up to beta.

Bad Internet Conditions

Facebook Lite excels when it comes to functioning in bad internet conditions. This app has been specially developed to run on 2G networks without hindering its speed. The best thing about Facebook Lite though, is the fact that it offers the same features as the original app despite its small size.

Communicating with Friends

If there’s one thing Facebook Lite is known for, that is for enabling users to communicate with their friends. The app is packed with tons of features such as dedicated Messenger which makes it easier to find and communicate with anyone. Things get even better since Facebook Lite is also packed with tons of features such as sharing photos, documents, videos and many more which makes it a great place where people can share their thoughts and views.

News and Current Events

Facebook Lite is not only a social media platform since it keeps people up to date with the latest current events. People can also follow their favorite celebrities or athletes and see what they are up to at any given day.