If there’s one video game that stood the test of time it must be Half-Life 2. This game was developed by Valve and it came out back in November of 2004. While the game might not feature impressive graphics, it does come with an amazing and immersive story that hooks players instantly. With that said, Half-Life 3 is one of the most anticipated games of all time.

Half-Life 3 Controversy

To everyone’s surprise, Valve is showing no interest towards developing a new Half-Life game. Despite the fact that there’s a huge demand for the game, Valve’s focus is set on other titles such as the highly popular CS:GO.

Seeing how Valve is not willing to start developing Half-Life 3, fans of the franchise decided to take matters into their own hands. Therefore, tech savvy fans of franchise have created their own Half-Life 3. The game we are talking about is Expo Decay which is based on Mark Laidlaw’s’ Epistle 3 and it introduces an ending to the Half-Life franchise.

Expo Decay

This game is basically a re-imagination of the Half-Life universe but it’s quite different from traditional Half-Life games. The reason we are saying this is because players will get to enjoy Expo Decay’s story through a top-down shooter point of view. This is quite unusual since all Half-Life games have been FPS (first person shooters).

Character Comebacks

The greatest thing about Expo Decay is that it brings back all the important characters such as Alyx Vance, Judith Mossman, Dr. Breen and obviously, Gordon Freeman himself. Moreover, the game shows players what happened to these characters and gives them a proper ending.

Arena Mode

The game is not only centered on providing players with a cool story, but it’s also focused on fun. Therefore, the game features an arena mode where players can jump in as Gordon Freeman and fight against hordes of zombies.

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