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Google Play Store v. 8.4.18 Takes a Huge Leap From 8.3.75 – Download the APK File


It is always recommended to have your apps updated, especially when we’re talking about Google Play Store. You wouldn’t want to experience bugs or other issues while you’re running the app.

With every update available, Google is fixing the issues and any problems that could be found in the previous version. The latest Play Store version has reached build 8.4.18, coming immediately after the 8.3.75 version and making a huge leap in build number.

Our recommendation is to wait for the update to be automatically downloaded, whenever it reaches your device. The 8.4.18 version of Play Store doesn’t have a lot of changes from the previous builds (8.3.73 and 8.3.75) that might be now running on your device.

Play Store 8.4.18 – Detailed Release

Let’s see what’s new in this new version: UI small changes, Card Widget and security improvements, among other features that we found in the teardown (based on evidence found inside the APK file – some of the next features might not go live yet after installing the APK file).

The Teardown from the APK file shows us a few more changes such as: a new button for notifications, a new option to limit auto-updates for just the system apps and turn the rest ones off and the ‘Wait for Wi-Fi’ feature is going away.

If you are a regular user of this app to download other apps or you just browse it daily, then you should get the new build as an APK file and install it on your device. This way, you will get rid of a lot of annoying bugs and see the new features in action. The file can be downloaded from, having a size of 12.12 MB.

As for installing the file, you have to go to ‘Security Settings’ and allow unknown sources to be installed. This update is safe to install, so don’t worry, it will do no harm to the device. But if you’re still concerned about it, you should just wait for the update to automatically roll out on your device.

You should have the 8.3.73 version at least, as it was released on 25 October, but if you don’t have it, then you should update your Google Play Store, as it brings new features:

  1. Google rewards users (with money!) who report bugs on the apps in the store.
  2. There are some new categories in the store: Top Charts for various apps – Top Free apps, Top free games, Top Grossing and so on.