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Google Earth Pro Free Download Available for Windows, macOS and Linux


Google Earth Pro has been free since 2015 and it provides additional features such as movie making, GIS data importer, area and radius measurements and plenty of printing models. The Google Earth upgrade can be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Linux.

How to download Google Earth Pro

To download Google Earth Pro, users need to head to the official website. After the homepage opens the menu choices become available on the upper right corner. To be redirected to Google Earth Pro version for desktop, users need to click on Older Versions option.

When someone tries to download the app, that person is redirected to the Privacy and Policy of Google Earth. It is important to read the Agree and Download terms before continuing the downloading process.

Google Earth Pro operates with at least Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.8 or at least Linux Standard Base 4.1 libraries.

Google Earth: versions and some variations

The program shows a 3D representation of our planet which was created based on images offered by satellites. With this program users can enjoy watching different landscape and cities from different angles. Those passionate about traveling or exploring planet Earth can also download the program on their phones or tablets and they can add data using the Keywhole Markup Language.

Since its development, Google Earth has been receiving criticism as well due to national security concerns. It also comes in different variations, some of which were not free of cost at the beginning: Google Earth Pro, Google Earth Plus, Google Earth Enterprise, Google Earth 9, and Google Earth Plug-in.

Another popular tool developed by Google is Google Maps. The latter offers street maps, traffic conditions, route planning and 360 degrees panoramic view of streets. It is also available in several languages.