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iOS 11.1 Update Download Available with over 70 New Emojis and Other Minor Updates


iOS 11 was released back in September, and despite this short time, we already received a few updates for it. This happened because users managed to identify several bugs, but, luckily, Apple managed to fix them as fast as possible.

Now, users received a bigger update, iOS 11.1. This version comes with several improvements but the most notable addition is represented by the new emoji.

This update comes just in time for the iPhone X release, which should take place on Friday, and it should provide a stable experience for the new iPhone users.

The new iOS 11.1 emoji

There are plenty of new emoji in this new update, over 70. Many of them bring a fantasy touch to your keyboard. This means that you will be able to send tiny wizards, fairies, mermaids, vampires and many others. There are also some new emoji like broccoli, dinosaur, hedgehog, climbing man, a woman with a towel, a coconut, zebra as well as some new expressions, including the vomit one.

iOS 11.1 fixes and improvements

Here is what the description for this software update says: iOS 11.1 introduces over 70 new emoji and includes bug fixes and improvements.”

This new update manages to fix the Krack Wi-Fi hack vulnerability. The flaw that was discovered could have been exploited by hackers in order to read or steal data, and, in more serious cases, they could even manipulate it. Therefore, it is a good thing that Apple got this fixed.

If you are not that excited about the new emoji, you should still upgrade to the latest version. You don’t want a huge vulnerability on your device since that could affect your safety and it could expose your data.