Back in 2014 Microsoft made an important investment by purchasing Minecraft. While this sounded like a great plan, at first it did not work the way it was supposed to. Microsoft came after many other platforms managed to get their hands on the game, from Xbox and PlayStation to the Pocket Edition that was available on mobiles and tablets.

That is the reason why players were not really sure that Microsoft will be able to offer something new. Additionally, there already was a different PC edition of Minecraft, so the logic behind this purchase appeared blurry to many people.

A certain charm

Despite all these claims, looking closely at the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition revealed another side. The fact that it was simpler than other versions, remains one of the reasons why it was so nice to play. Mods were not that easily available and there were certain limits. However, this was not necessary something negative.

Many players described it as a way of detaching from the real world and immersing yourself in a more peaceful universe that manages to have its challenges.

The Bedrock engine

Obviously, things changed radically after the Bedrock Engine appeared. While it does come with many improvements, the most important feature is the fact that it brings cross-playability to the game. This means that all the players from PC, mobile, Nintendo and Xbox can get together and multi-play. While it is a revolutionary addition that might change the world of gaming completely, there is some nostalgia for the basic versions of the game. There is something rather peaceful in crafting a world on your own without interacting with other players. Playing something alone is not necessary bad and it can be relaxing.

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