The smartphone industry is packed with so many amazing devices that it’s nearly impossible to decide which one is the best. On the bright side though, having so many devices to choose from gives customers a wider price range and they can get the best bang for their buck. Today we are going to take Galaxy A3 (2017) and Galaxy J5 Prime which are two of Samsung’s most popular smartphones and compare them against each other in a battle of hardware specs.


Galaxy A3 (2017) is an affordable smartphone that’s been equipped with a 4.7-inches display. The panel uses Samsung’s trademark Super AMOLED technology and it features a resolution of 720 x 1820 pixels alongside a pixel density of 312ppi. Moreover, the panel is coated in Corning Gorilla 4 which increases its scratch and crack resistance.

Galaxy J5 Prime sports a larger 5.0-inches display that features PLS TFT technology which offers the same resolution of 720 x 1820 pixels just like Galaxy A3 (2017). However, since this is an PLS TFT display, its pixel density is slightly smaller measuring at 294ppi. The display is also coated in Corning Gorilla Glass, but its series is market dependent.

Hardware Performance

If we look under Galaxy A3 (2017)’s hood we are going to see that its powered by Samsung’s own-made Exynos 7870 CPU. This processor features eight cores and it clocks at 1.6GHz. In addition, the processor is also coupled with 2GB RAM. Galaxy J5 Prime doesn’t fall short when it comes to power since it is also fueled by a Samsung-made Exynos 7570 processor that is paired with the same amount of 2GB RAM.



While it might seem like these two smartphones are close equals, this is not the case. Both have an edge over each other. Galaxy J5 Prime shines when it comes to display while Galaxy J3 (2017) has the upper hand in terms of processor performance.

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