On Microsoft’s list of ultra HD games there is also Diablo 3 which also comes on the PlayStation 4 Pro. The game has been built to provide a great resolution 2160p, but to be constantly scaled to get to 60 FPS. Both consoles have a lot of visual enhancements when it comes to Diablo 3, but which one has the specs to get closer to a native 4K?

Which Console Delivers a Consistent Performance and 4K at the Same Time?

Even though the PlayStation 4 Pro is an upgrade to Diablo 3, the Xbox One X is better, being capable to run 4K almost throughout the whole game in a perfect manner. On PlayStation 4 Pro there are some 4K capabilities, but only in interior areas, such as dungeons or the bar at New Tristam. That’s where it gets to a full 3840×2160 resolution.

For example, when you start with a new character at New Tristam, you will get a full 4K experience on Xbox One X, while the PlayStation 4 Pro only gets to 2880×1620.

Later in game, when you encounter a lot of enemies and a more cluttered environment (objects based on physics and geometry), the Xbox One X falls a little to 3648×2052 pixels – a 10% drop, which is a lot better than what the PS4 Pro experiences: 2560×1440.

However, it looks like if the Xbox One X gets pushed further, it might lose some of its HD resolution, but comparing it to the PS4 Pro, it is a consistent number, using the 3840×2160 resolution as a baseline.

Xbox One X also has an enhanced bloom, adding a bigger impact and matching the PS4 Pro embellishments.

When Microsoft announced their 4K console, a lot of players have been excited at the thought of playing games in 4K resolution, but not many games have delivered this experience. However, Diablo 3 pushes these consoles to their full capabilities, with only a few drops to maintain the 60-fps gameplay.

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