Clash Royale Update

The Clash Royale is another adaptation of the famous mobile game Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans got so famous really quick that at one point conspiracy theorist thought that the creators of the game thought that the developers of the game did some profane rituals for the game to garner a lot of attention and subsequently a lot of players.

However if you had the chance to play a game of Clash of Clans then you would know that the game offers a great experience that leaves you wanting more.

After much success Super Cell its creator thought it a good idea to make another game with the already well-loved characters of COC. And it turns out that they were right to do so. Clash Royale to date is one of the most played games on mobile devices; it even has a large following that creates content about the Clash Royale gameplay online.

If you take a quick look at YouTube you will be amazed at how much this game has a large community following it that gamers are actually making videos online about it and have garnered thousands of followers online. A community like Clash Royale has kept the game ahead for a long time.

Where to find news about Clash Royale Update?

If you want to receive it raw, then what you want to do is to check in regularly the site of Clash Royale. Unlike other games, they have a lively website that is actively updated with fresh content almost every day.

They have a blog site for their news and upcoming updates as well as a forum where people ask specific questions about the game and get a prompt and a comprehensive reply from the entire community. The blog URL is, while the forum URL is If you are not satisfied with either of the two, you can easily lookup on YouTube and find a goldmine of information about the game.

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