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Holiday Wish list: Grand Theft Auto 6, PlayStation 5, and Xbox 2


Grand Theft Auto is best game to play out there if you are a sane and normal person who wants to vent off some steam and punish the virtual world. Kidding, it is one of the most brutal video games out there that somehow has made it through the gaming censors. This action-packed video game is arguably the most exciting of its kind wherein the player will be able to explore a fictional world where the character can do things that are only true in Hollywood movies.

What to expect for GTA 6?

It’s been more than 3 years since the last Grand Theft Auto came out and people are absolutely excited about the next release of the franchise. People will expect the new version of the game to be more realistic in terms of graphics since there are already a lot of games that came out due to better hardware and software capabilities that are floating around.

When will it come out?

There is no pinpoint date yet on the exact details of the release of GTA 6, but there are ballpark estimates that keep fans on the lookout and ready for their favorite game. Back in 2016 people thought it will be release on the year 2017, but now we are almost at the year’s end and still there is no official word yet from the creators of the GTA franchise. One good thing that could come out from a very long development period is that we can expect that they must be preparing something really good for us.

What will be the Gaming Platforms that will support it?

One of the theories that people are thinking as to why GTA is holding off for so long a new release on their successful franchise is that they are just waiting for the new gaming platform to be in the market.

People are also expecting a new gaming console from Sony which will succeed their already successful Playstation 4. People are calling it as “PS 5” although there are no exact details from Sony yet.

On the flip side, people who have come to love the XBOX gaming console are also hoping to get their hands on an XBOX 2 which they expect to be a better and faster version of the XBOX gaming console.

If you think about it, it is probably wise for the creators of GTA to hold off any new games yet if they know something about an eventual release of better gaming consoles. It would be unfortunate to have a new game that will just be left out because it won’t properly run on a new gaming console.

Will it support VR technology?

The Virtual Reality option is becoming ever popular and will probably the norm a few years from now. If ever there is a new GTA 6 game to come it would probably be logical to incorporate a VR option wherein the players will have the option to play the game in it. But there are still limitations to this technology as of the moment and the market is not that really big yet so any VR section of the new GTA 6 might not be for the whole storyline.

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