Minecraft Update

Here is great news for avid fans of Minecraft out there. The Super Pack Plus will be launched in the spring of 2018. It was first targeted to be released in December 2017, but it has recently been shifted to have a spring 2018 schedule instead.

The Super Pack Plus has also been scheduled to be released with new enhancements to the Xbox One X. You might have noticed that a lot of games in the Xbox One X have already been enhanced to 4K resolution. The question remains if Minecraft will finally get this enhancement as well.

This bundle with the Xbox One X and Minecraft’s Super Pack Plus should be a great release to come after winter. Nevertheless, the release might have to take a bit longer than it was previously stated though.

Bundle Bonanza for Xbox One X

It can be recalled from the previous announcement that the Super Duper Graphics Pack will be released with new lighting, 4K resolution, and water visuals. This will be for the Minecraft and Xbox One X, which previously has no definite release date yet.

Several add-ons to the Minecraft game only included the Super Plus Pack, which include the 4K enhancements. However, the launch date was previously planned to be on December 6, 2017.

The new interaction feature of Minecraft, however, will have to be featured in Minecraft beta 1.2.5 and Windows 10. This version has been created in order to enable streamers to directly broadcast within the game of Minecraft via Mixer.

Mixer is Microsoft’s live streaming video service. The new feature has been rolled out in October 2017, allowing players to interact during gameplay. So, those who are streaming can add the feature to their game, which is called the Mixer interactivity. The user will also be able to set the level of interaction for this particular game.

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