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[Download] WhatsApp Business 0.0.89 APK with Quick Reply Feature and Bug Fixes


For a long time, rumors were pointing out that the developer team behind WhatsApp is working a new Business edition of it. Fortunately, those rumors were proven to be true a couple of months ago when the first build of WhatsApp Business was released. This special edition of the app allows business owners to have a presence on the app and to make it easier for them to communicate and receive feedback from their customers.

WhatsApp Business 0.0.89 APK Update

Considering that WhatsApp Business is still in its early stages, no one should be surprised to find out that new updates are being published weekly. These updates are slowly but surely improving the apps performance and bringing it to the same level that the original WhatsApp is.

With that said, WhatsApp Business users should be happy to know that a new APK which brings the app’s version number up to 0.0.89 has been made available for download. This is a major update and it weighs in at 44.26MB. Moreover, the update is targeted towards Android 7.1 Nougat powered devices, but it can also be installed on older smartphones since it requires a minimum of Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich OS to run properly.

New Messaging Tool

As previously mentioned, this special edition of WhatsApp has been specially developed to help business owners keep in touch with their customers. Therefore, this new update improves that aspect of the app by introducing a new messaging tool.

The new tool we are talking about is called “Quick Reply” and it does exactly what its name implies. Business owners can use Quick Reply to create keyboard shortcuts for messages such as greetings or answers to commonly asked questions.

Another cool feature that’s being introduced with this new update gives business owners the ability to notify their customers when they are not around by using the “out-of-office” option in the Settings Panel.