Android games dominate the gaming industry – children love playing the color palettes, and adults love the casual nature of them. It’s allowed people the chance to play games and enjoy themselves. Of course, some people would like to play an Android game without having their phone next to them to do it. They would rather enjoy the game on a TV screen instead.

Can this be done? Absolutely!


One of the newest emulators is Andy, and it has various features that ensure it outdoes other emulators on the market. This may be a good thing since some emulators have technical issues. Andy keeps things under control and provides PC users with an amazing experience that want it in that format.

It has amazing sync features that let people connect with an app to either their mobile device or computer. Android apps can be taken from the PC and synched to a mobile phone, offering more flexibility.  Use your computer browser to download the app, which has a large library of titles including games and apps.


BlueStacks has a long history of emulation. It’s been out for some time now, and great for people who are looking to emulate Android material. It has many wonderful Android apps that can be used on the PC now. BlueStacks’ free version means you can use Android apps freely on your computer. Bear in mind that the free version could have bloatware, which makes the $2 version more appealing.


The Droid4x attempts to prove itself as a genuine Google Play Store experience for PC users who’ve installed it. Play Store is already installed on it and has games and apps people love. While it’s not as popular as BlueStacks, it’s an emulator to keep your eyes on. One of its features includes controlling games on the computer via your mobile phone – a whole new type of Android gaming for the PC.

Technology Software 3 Popular Android Emulators To Enjoy Games On Your PC