This is the phrase once read at one of the forums devoted to a popular online game. A player could not get access to his prepaid account with tons of items he has been collecting for over a year. Poor guy nearly had a heart attack and most of gamers could understand his feelings. Server blocks are too hard to avoid unless player uses one of the following bypasses.


These three letters are like a holy grail for all users who think of hiding their IP addresses when visiting some websites where no one should catch them. VPN actually saved poor blocked player and gave him unlimited access to all those virtual treasures. Being an Apple fan, he managed to download VPN Client for Mac here and enjoy his game. But some popular VPNs might slow computers down, making more dynamic actions nearly impossible.

This problem is often caused by software conflict and users have to search for some other ways out. Thus they can use one of the alternatives.

Tor or Opera

Latest versions of these old good browsers already have in-built VPNs. They hardly influence the speed of connection or slow down any operations. In addition, using any of these browsers saves time and space users need for VPN connection.

However, this method might cause inconvenience for those who prefer using Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, as they have somewhat different interface.


Nice method for those who hates changing anything in their lives. If there is a ban on certain content in your country, search for location where these websites are still available. Then there is a need to find their proxy servers and right after that change data in browser settings. Thus your computer will be automatically recognized as the one located in different country and access will be allowed.


No matter which method you choose, you will get certain bonuses:

  1. anonymity;
  2. traffic control;
  3. complete protection from hackers;
  4. access to all banned content.

Those who often use public networks surfing the net from their mobile devices should be more careful with what they do online. This is why IT specialists recommend using VPN or mobile Opera or Tor browsers for their portable gadgets, especially if users want to protect their personal data from any leaks. Hackers and other virtual criminals can get uncontrolled access to our smartphones or tablets if they are connected to one and the same open network.

It is recommended to never use unprotected network for any online banking operations as there is a real threat to lose everything from that bank account.

Mobile apps do not take too much digital memory for storage, so installing any of them to your smartphone is easy and handy, but it can really work for virtual freedom and protection. So whether you are up to gaming, watching movies, shopping, or especially managing your bank account via the web, always use some kind of protection for your data.

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