With more than one billion users on WhatsApp, it’s no wonder developers have created versions of its popular messaging service for PC and Mac. While it first started out with mobile devices, developers realized the need for a web-based version for both Macs and PCs.

How can you use both versions simultaneously – synching your messages from one device to the other?

If you have a smartphone device with WhatsApp, you can easily set up WhatsApp on your computer. It doesn’t matter what kind of phone you have, as long as it can handle the WhatsApp app on it, you can use the WhatsApp Web on your computer.

How To Set Up WhatsApp On Your Computer

Go to web.whatsapp.com in your preferred computer browser. Make sure your smartphone still has a connection to the Internet – be it through Wi-Fi or data. The only way to download and use the web version is to have your smartphone on because it’s the link between your account and the web version.

Go to your smartphone and open the WhatsApp app. Below are some instructions for compatible phones

  • Android – Find the Chats screen, hit Menu and then WhatsApp Web
  • Blackberry – Find Chats then Menu and finally WhatsApp Web.
  • Blackberry 10 – Swipe your finger from top down and hit the WhatsApp Web
  • iPhone – Visit Settings and then open WhatsApp Web
  • Nokia S4 – Swipe from the bottom up and hit WhatsApp Web
  • Nokia S60 – Visit Menu and open WhatsApp Web
  • Windows Phone – Go to Menu and open WhatsApp Web

Once on WhatsApp Web, you’ll see a QR code. The smartphone will turn your camera on itself to scan the QR code. Any conversations you had on your mobile device can now be seen on your computer. Upon opening the WhatsApp Web on the computer, you can start chatting immediately.

How Else To Download A Computer Copy Of WhatsApp?

You may also download the WhatsApp Web for your Mac or Windows if you can’t do the previous method. You just need at least Windows 8 on your system or Mac OS X 10.9 or higher to use the web version of WhatsApp.

While Win 8 users have the option to download the app onto their computer, they still need to have the app on their phone to use it. Go to the official website to download the newest WhatsApp for Windows 8 version.  After that, install it and use it like you would any app you put on your computer.

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