WhatsApp sees more than one billion users each month, making it an extremely popular messaging app. And, like any other messaging app you can use, developers have made it so people can send and receive pictures, videos, voice messages and text messages. The program now lets people make voice calls.

Can You Use WhatsApp On Your iPad or iPod Touch?

There is one drawback for Apple users – the developers of WhatsApp only designed it so the program could only be used on the iPhone. Thus, it’s not usable for either the iPod touch or the iPad. However, there is a trick to make it usable for your iPad. What do you need to do to make it functional on your iPad?

  • Verification – You need to have the app installed on your smartphone and make sure it’s been verified.
  • Open Safari – You’ll need to open Safari on your iPad.
  • Visit web.whatsapp.com – You’ll need to type in web.whatsapp.com into Safari.
  • Desktop Version – You’ll need to switch the app to the desktop version, which can be done by holding the refresh button until you get the Request Desktop site. Once it appears, click on it. The page will refresh, and you’ll be directed to web.whatsapp.com.
  • QR Code – You’ll need to locate and scan the QR code with the device and visit WhatsApp web. Use the iPad screen to scan the code.

After the QR code is scanned, you’ll be able to see app messages on your iPad.

Bear in mind, you cannot get notifications through the WhatsApp Web, but you can still use its features such as:

  • Making and Receiving Calls – If you use an Android emulator, you can make and receive calls. This cannot be done when the WhatsApp Web is installed on your computer.
  • Two-Step Verification – You’ll be given a six-digit code to get calls and messages, which ensures no one has access to your WhatsApp account.

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