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Nokia Asha Users Can Download BETA WhatsApp Version


It was several years that Facebook attained the ever-popular instant messaging app known as WhatsApp, which allowed people to make free voice and video calls. Today, people can send files like documents, videos and pictures as well as do a number of other things.

WhatsApp is supported by many operating software platforms such as Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone. While some OS platforms see regular updates (think Android), some will only get an update every now and then.

Are you the proud owner of a Nokia Asha? If so, then your device is running the Symbian S40 OS and can support WhatsApp version 2.12.95.

Nokia Asha devices are user-friendly in terms of cost. However, they don’t have a GPS function to them. There is a host of Asha models such as Asha 200-203 and 205. There’s also the 210, 230, 300, 302, 303, 305, 306, 308, 309, 311 and 501-503.

Each model has a 5MP rear camera with Bluetooth connectivity. Some Asha models come with a dual-SIM setup, but not all. However, when Microsoft Mobile took control over the Asha line, it discontinued them.

Where To Download The Latest Version

However, if you still own the Asha phone or a Nokia C3, you can still get WhatsApp 2.12.95, which is currently in BETA testing. WhatsApp most stable version is the WhatsApp 2.12.89.  To download the BETA, which got a 100KB decrease in file size, you need to visit the official store or download it manually from  The update offers numerous bug fixes, translation improvements and other changes.

WhatsApp Stops App Support Of Nokia 215

While there are many instant messaging apps to choose from, people often stick to WhatsApp. The app, which has grown significantly in the last few years, has more than one billion users all around the world and adding to those numbers each day.

Of course, its rise in popularity gives question to what devices support the app. Not surprising, developers cut off support for many smartphones. There’s a reason for this. As technology changed and improved, WhatsApp developers opt to cut support off for older Nokia phones and Blackberry devices.

WhatsApp has changed so much that its developers don’t have the time or resources to spend developing new software to old phones that a handful of people still own right now.

Nokia 215 No Longer Supports WhatsApp App

One of the devices WhatsApp quit supporting was the Nokia 215 – an old phone for sure. It’s so old that you may need to go ahead and upgrade to something newer. You don’t have to have the latest smartphone to run WhatsApp. In fact, many older mid-range phones have the capacity to run the program.

The Nokia 215 is not one of the lucky ones. Java phones can still run WhatsApp, but the Nokia 215 cannot run it any longer. The hardware and software are just too old and incompatible with today’s WhatsApp.

Here’s what you need to understand: Older devices cannot handle running newer program versions, which means there comes a time when developers say no more. WhatsApp and many app developers have made the difficult decision to do this. In order to stay ahead of the game and competition, WhatsApp developers decided this was the best move for them.