Google decided in 2015 to make its Google Earth Pro feature free, and adding to it, a plethora of features including printing models, area and radius measurements, movie making abilities and GIS data importer. The upgrade is also available to anyone with a Windows computer, Linux or macOS.

Downloading Google Earth Pro

In order to use Google Earth Pro, you must download it from the official website. When the homepage opens, you have several menu choices. In order to get the Google Earth Pro version for your computer, you need to hit the Older Versions option.

You’ll be prompted to read the Privacy and Policy of Google Earth when attempting to download the app. Make sure you read them entirely before agreeing to the terms.

Google Earth Pro needs an operating system of at least Windows 7, Linux Standard Base 4.1 Libraries or Mac OS X 10.8. ‘

What Are Some Variations Of Google Earth?

The program provides a 3D representation of Earth, using images satellites have taken. The program lets people enjoy the various landscapes and cities from all kinds of angles. People who love to travel or enjoy the Earth can download Google Earth Pro onto their phone or tablet. They can also use Keywhole Markup Language to add information.

Google Earth has gotten some criticism because of natural security issues.

It’s important to note that Google Earth has some variations to them – some free and others not such as Google Earth Plus, Google Earth 9, Google Earth Enterprise, etc.

Google also came up with Google Maps, which is a tool that helps people get from one location to another. It has traffic conditions, street maps, route planning and offers a 360-degree panoramic view of areas. Google Maps comes in multiple languages.

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