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[Download] Facebook Beta Update with New Features


If people were only allowed to have one app installed at a time in their mobile devices, most would probably pick Facebook. The mobile counterpart of the worldwide phenomenon which is the social network, the Facebook mobile app is here with a brand new update. When it comes to Facebook updates, users are always excited to see what new things the developers have thought about implementing. This new build brings us a fresh Facebook experience but let’s see what exactly can be found after updating to Facebook beta.

The new features

There aren’t any new features in this update, but there are important improvements in regards to readability and speed. What this means is that the Facebook platform as a whole has been made easier to navigate and to use, so you will be having a way easier time getting through all the menus, screens or features currently available in the app. If you have your mind set on doing a precise thing on Facebook, such as looking for that one picture your friend posted three weeks ago, and sharing it, it will take you less time than before, and it will pose less of a hassle.

It’s a beta version

You might have noticed that we’re talking about a beta version. If you’re into being the first in anything, you can snatch this update and become one of the first to check out the latest Facebook experience. It’s not a whole lot since the list of new additions isn’t very long, but it would still be something to explore.  It could also be a great way to determine just how interested in the update you are, so you don’t have to wait until the live version, hoping for something extraordinary. In other words, you’ll know ahead of time just how excited you should be for this new update.

Easy to acquire

When it comes to how exactly you acquire the update, it’s totally up to you. You could just download it from the Google Play Store, in which case it wouldn’t take more than a minute, or you could download the APK file for it from an external source, in which case you’re looking at a couple of minutes, tops.  It’s just a matter of which method is more comfortable for you. Other than that, you get the same result, which is an updated version of Facebook.

It might not look like much, but even a rather modest update such as this one can have a huge impact on the way the app works and responds, obviously in a positive way, so make sure to take those couple of minutes and update the app especially if you spend a lot of time on Facebook.