The massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG), The Elder Scrolls Online, has reached 10 million players. This big milestone will be celebrated by Bethesda Softworks with events and promotions. Perhaps, the biggest event is the Free Play Week offered for Mac, PS4 and PC.

Free Play Week: details

The event started on the 30th of November and lasts until the 6th of December. Players will be allowed to participate in several quests and dungeons. Those who want to enjoy this event, using the PS4, must have an active PlayStation Plus Membership.

Other features offered by the free week trial include:

  • Access to the game’s online base, except ESO: Morrowind.
  • New accounts will receive 500 free crowns. New players can spend them in the Crown Store ad purchase pets, XP scrolls and potions.
  • The progress players make is saved should they choose to return and play the game again. All the characters created, purchased crown packs and crown items will be given to those deciding to buy the game.

Special dungeon event

The Maryland-based video game company will also host an in-game dungeon event. Players will get the chance to win bonus awards and costumed for their characters. To receive a Mysterious Reward Box, players have to complete a random dungeon through Dungeon Finder, both on Normal or Veteran difficulty.

After trying the free trial for the first time those who fall for the game can buy it 50% off on Mac. PS4 and PC until the 6th of December 2017.

The fictional Elder Scrolls universe hosts the continent of Tamriel, where players explore a pre-medieval real-world of the powerful Roman like Empire. There are magic potions  and mythological creatures.

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